The 10 Greatest Bodybuilding Motivational Quotes of All Time

If you are feeling a little dispirited, then maybe you should check out these inspiring quotes. They will help you feel inspired to get back to the gym and workout hard – to achieve the amazing results you are so capable of. The Best Ever Bodybuilding Inspirational Quotes Every so often, a bodybuilder reaches a plateau or […]

Time to Wake Up! How to Get Motivated for an Early-Morning Workout

Wake up and start running! Don’t just lie there…get the inspiration you need to make the most of those precious morning hours. Get out and get fit… Start Working Out Early Some people are night owls and like working out later in the day. Others like getting up at the crack of dawn and schedule their workout for […]

10 Reasons to Get Off Your Lazy Butt and Start Working Out Today

Don’t Just Sit There…Get to the Gym! Excuses, excuses, excuses. You don’t have time to work out. You’ll start working out tomorrow. It’s raining. It’s snowing. Jupiter isn’t in the proper alignment with Mars. You come up with lots of excuses to avoid getting down to the gym, but deep down inside you know they are […]

Crissy Chromek is a Winner On and Off the Stage

Chromek shares her routine for a champion-caliber back. Cresencia or “Crissy” Chromek got into fitness like most people do nowadays—it was a way to spend time with someone she cared about, specifically her now husband, fellow competitor, and Rule One Protein’s VP of marketing, Chris. “When we started dating, we both had very busy lives, […]

The New Amino Acids

A groundbreaking patented essential amino acid formula promises more muscle and bigger gains. When combined with a clean diet and a rigorous training program, a well-rounded supplement regimen can truly take your gains to the next level. This you know. What you may not know, however, is that some supps are effective, and others are […]

Quick and Dirty Cable Arm Workout

William Bonac’s simple recipe for building bigger, more chiseled biceps and triceps: PREFERRED REP RANGE: 12 to 16 reps. TRAINING FREQUENCY: Biceps and triceps each trained once a week in the off-season (triceps trained with back, biceps paired with chest) and typically twice weekly pre-contest. TRAINING VOLUME: Eight to 12 working sets per workout each for biceps and […]

Pre and Post Workout Nutrition for Bodybuilders

Pre- and post workout are the most important times to eat and supplement for maximum gains. Here, we focus on the basics — protein and carbs, the two most critical nutrients of your pre- and post-workout meals — and break them down into three categories: gold (best), silver (second best) and bronze (you get the […]

Ask the R.D.: Carbs Count

I’m getting into powerlifting but still want to stay lean. Is high carb intake essential for strength athletes? Strength athletes typically require fewer carbohydrates than endurance athletes because the carb requirements are mainly determined by the time, or duration, spent training and the intensity of training. For a strength athlete working out for about an […]

Pull-Ups vs. Chin-Up (Which Should You Do, Really?)

Who needs a gym when you can do pull-ups or chin-ups anywhere? But which is the better option? Check out the pros and cons of each and build your muscles the right way. Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups: Great Exercises Another day, another gym showdown. This showdown features two exercises that target the upper body. These exercises are pull-ups […]

The Remarkable Career of Johnnie Jackson

WHERE TO BEGIN? There’s a lot of praise to heap on Johnnie Jackson’s career, which finally concluded last September. He is the most accomplished powerlifting bodybuilder ever. Last year, at age 46, he joined that other Jackson, Dexter, as the oldest men to win two pro shows in one year. His 13 Mr. Olympia entries […]